Calculation KCB gear pump flow and flow formula

Calculation KCB gear pump flow and flow formula

Lubricant or nature KCB gear pump for conveying solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 80 ℃, viscosity of 5 × 10-6 ~ 1.5 × 10-3m2 / s (5-1500cSt) of similar to other liquid lubricants.

(A) the gear pump flow

1. Theoretically the discharge chamber to the volume of fluid equal to the volume of work teeth

2. Each Qt two gears should turn all the teeth and the volume of work.

3. The effective volume can be assumed that the working volume of the teeth and the teeth are equal.

4. Each turn Qt

1) is the sum of the teeth between the teeth in the working volume of the effective volume of a gear

2) is approximately equal to the effective portion of a tooth of the radial width of the swept annular volume of 2m (m is the modulus) of

Traffic formula (II) of the gear pump

When calculating the pump Qt with the above, the value is too small

Shall be multiplied by the correction factor K. Average Qt is:

Qt = K · D · 2m · B · n × 10-6L / min

Where: D-- pitch circle diameter, mm;

m-- modulus, mm;

B-- tooth width, mm;

n-- speed, r / min;

K-- correction coefficient, typically 1.05 to 1.15.

Medium and low pressure gear pump is the flow rate formula

Qt = 6.66zm2Bn10-6nL / min (2-4)

High pressure gear pump flow equation:

Qt = 7zm2Bn10-6L / min (2-5)

(Iii) increase the gear pump theoretical flow pathway

Increase the diameter of the gear tooth width, the speed and reduce the number of teeth n.

n is too high tooth turned suction chamber is too short

n increase in diameter and the circumferential speed of the gear increases, the centrifugal force increase

1. Increase inhalation difficulties, tooth root hydraulic p reduced gas may precipitate, resulting in a reduction Q, causing vibration and noise, even the pump does not work.

2. Therefore, the maximum circumferential speed should be limited in accordance with the viscosity of oil,

1) does not exceed the maximum peripheral speed of 5 ~ 6m / s,

2) The maximum speed is generally at 3000r / min or so.

Tooth width will increase the radial force increases, the tooth contact line extension, not easy to maintain a good seal.

Although reducing the number of teeth between the teeth can increase the volume V and Q increase, but will increase the degree of unevenness Q

KCB gear pump can be used in the oil transfer system, booster pump; can be used in the fuel system, transmission, compression, fuel injection pump; In all industrial areas, are available for lubricating oil pump.