Screw pump maintenance four points

Screw pump can be divided into single screw and twin-screw pump screw pump we usually use must pay attention to the use of the screw pump maintenance, in fact, screw maintenance and other machines as long as you pay attention to his characteristics and features will be able to well maintained.

First make sure other debris does not enter pump

If there are solid debris into the rubber material of the stator of the screw pump will cause damage, so make sure debris does not enter the pump cavity is very important, and some in the pump before the installation of a grinder, and some installation grill means or filters, blocking debris into the screw pump, the grid should be clear fishing in a timely manner to avoid congestion.

Avoid the use of the second screw in the case of broken material.

Screw must not be allowed in the case of blanking operation, once occurred, the stator due to the rubber dry friction, and instantly generate heat burn, so the mill intact, grille flow is one of the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the screw, as here, some screw pumps also pump body is installed blanking stop device blanking occurs when, because of their screw pump has self-priming characteristics, the cavity will produce vacuum, vacuum screw pump will stop running.

Third maintain a constant outlet pressure

Screw pump is a positive displacement rotary pumps, when the outlet end after blocked, pressure will be gradually increased, so that the pressure exceeds a predetermined value. A sharp increase in motor load at this time. Transmission machinery related parts will exceed the design load value, and in severe motor burned occurs, transmission parts breakage. In order to avoid screw pump damage will normally install the bypass relief valve at the outlet of the screw to stabilize the outlet pressure, to maintain the normal operation of the pump.

Rational use of fourth screw speed

Screw pump into a linear relationship between the flow and speed, relative to the low speed of the screw, although the high speed screw to increase the flow and head, but significantly increased power, high-speed accelerated wear between the rotor and the stator, will make screw premature failure, and high speed screw pump stator and rotor length is very short, easy to wear, thus shortening the life of the screw pump.

Or variable speed via a reduction mechanism to reduce the speed, so that within each survey speed to maintain at $ 300 or less turn more reasonable range, compared with the high-speed operation of the screw pump, life can be extended several times.

Of course, there are many ways screw pump maintenance which requires us to pay more attention when we go in normal use. As long as careful observation will screw with good maintenance.